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Leadership Coaching

Are you looking to move ahead in your career or change your career path entirely? Or do you want some help with your (management) team, whether that's raising the bar on performance or simply a difficult conversation you plan to have? Let's work together to identify your goals, discover root causes of challenges you're facing, and get you moving forward in a way that feels attainable and sustainable. Typical topics I could help you with are the following:

  • Expand leadership capabilities, self-awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Enhance the interactions and performance of a team 

  • Overcome feelings of overwhelm to attain greater resilience and balance

  • Successfully transition to a new role or career

  • Address derailing behavior that stands in the way of advancement

The methodologies I use vary between NLP, ACT, Transactional Analysis and Systemic work. This involves experience-based exercises which will vary from visualization techniques to exercises where you will physically need to move around. It’s also possible that we simply spend the full session in deep conversation. You can always indicate if something works particularly well for you or not.

I’m flexible in the way I operate. We can have our coaching sessions virtually, face to face or whilst talking a walk in nature. Normally, coachees book a trajectory but sometimes all it takes is 1 or 2 in-depth conversations. Let me know what your wishes are and we can discuss the options.

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