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About me

"Exchange expectations for appreciation and your life will change instantly" (Tony Robbins)


Hi there! 

I am a strong advocate of compassionate leadership and love to help business leaders unlock this. When you take good care of yourself and you learn to face your shortcomings with compassion rather than fear, I sincerely believe you will approach other people similarly, and that will get the best version out of you and the other.  

Compassion is not simply about accepting, it’s also about finding constructive solutions where it concerns others. With compassionate leadership you multiply talent in your team, and you radiate that type of energy others want to be surrounded by.

Imagine the impact that your leadership style directly or indirectly has on the rest of the organization… That’s what drives me!


With over a decade of experience in HR at Unilever and later at Rituals and L'Oréal, I have witnessed many challenging situations on the work-floor where leaders reached out for help. Whether it concerned finding their purpose, trouble with managing an individual or a team, finding the next best role, or working more effectively, there are countless examples that have crossed my path and that I’d love to help you with.


I am a mother of two sons and married to my Chinese-Indonesian husband with Buddhist background, which has deeply inspired my view on life.


Looking forward to meeting you!

April 1997 - oktober 1998

Onderdirecteur, Arcadia Advies

Dit is een beschrijving voor uw CV. Beschrijf kort uw diploma, baan, behaalde resultaat of ervaring. De meest effectieve CV's geven een duidelijk overzicht van uw achtergrond en uw toekomstvisie op een manier die voor lezers goed te volgen is.

Client 3

S. de Jong

Professionele begeleiding

Ik werk al vele jaren met S. de Jong. Samen hebben we een aantal succesvolle projecten gecreëerd die de groei van het bedrijf van mijn klant hebben ondersteund. Neem vandaag nog contact met me op voor meer informatie over mijn klanten en wat ik voor u kan doen.

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